Amish Friendship Bread

Last week, my neighbor gave me a starter of Amish Friendship Bread. I had to nurture and "feed" it for 10 days (this means add flour, sugar and milk on days 6 & 10 and mush it around in it's Ziploc bag every day). On the 10th day you make the bread. But first, you are to divide up the batter, creating 4 starters to share with friends, who are to repeat this process. It's like a baking chain letter! While I really dislike chain letters, I thought this was a neat idea.

Yesterday was day 10, falling ideally on our first real day of Spring Break. My nephew Ethan was with us for the day, and helped Selby & I make the bread. This was a fun (and educational) project for them. Ethan, who is now in the first grade, read all the directions out loud and wrote the date on each of the starter bags.

Selby helped measure and mix the ingredients, then divide the batter equally into two loaf pans.

Both helped sprinkle the tops with cinnamon-sugar and, of course, both were there to sample the final product. Which is, by the way, quite delicious. I'm holding on to one of the starters to bake a different variation (there are many on the web) again in 10 days. I'm thinking chocolate...

What a sweet way to reaffirm friendships!

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kangaroo said...

thank you for my starter!! i read the instructions and they fit right in with our travel plans. we look forward to baking this sweet bread with thoughts of you!