Creative Intentions or Mindful Crafting

At our last New Moon Circle, my sisters and I initiated a new element to our gathering - a craft. Born out of the desire to create Treasure Maps for the Aries new moon, we pooled art supplies, delved into our creations and enjoyed the gab time that accompanied our handiwork.

(Here are my family's finished maps - a personal one for both me and DaddyBird, and a family one we created together. Visit my new moon sister's blog to see a whole different take on the treasure map.)

We're going to try another craft at our circle for the New Moon in Taurus: handmade prayer flags. Each of us is bringing materials to create flags that will convey - through words, images, symbols and art - our prayers and wishes for ourselves and the world. I'll share the process and results here after we've tried it out. Meanwhile, a sneak peek at the beautiful fabric I'll be using for my flags:

Moda Wonderland: Tea Time.

I noticed the craft project we chose for this Friday's circle, like the treasure maps, helps create and support our positive intentions (the whole purpose of a new moon gathering). I like this - and I think I shall call it "mindful crafting." It's crafting with a purpose; the setting of creative intentions and the release of good energy for ourselves, our families, our communities and our universe.

Do you have any mindful crafting ideas? I'd love to hear them.

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Rose said...

How about charity knitting and sewing? Knitting sweaters, hats, and socks for Children in Common, or sewing quilts for The Linus Project? It's something I've always aspired to, yet never found the time for.

P.S. I am so in LOVE with that fabric, I may have to go buy some!