Leading By Example

I believe the best way to teach my children the values I want them to have is to demonstrate them myself. It never fails to amaze me how they really do hear what you say and see what you do, day after day. Especially when you think they aren't paying attention.

Unprompted my me, Selby recently asked her cousin Ethan if he wanted to make some prayer flags (hopefully I haven't burned you out on prayer flag posts - 'cause there's still one more coming along with my finished flags). Having seen me work on and talk about my flags, Selby explained precisely what prayer flags are to her cousin, then began work on creating her own set.

The blessings she chose are precious and perfect: Dream, Happy, Love and Jewels (I love this one - straight from the sparkly mind of a 4-year-old girl!). Her images are equally fitting: a kitty cat, a rainbow, a sun, a flower.

Selby's prayer flags are hanging from rainbow ric rac on our back porch, blowing sweet blessings out to all. My heart is full of joy that she chose to follow my example, becoming a true apprentice of mindful crafting.


Liquid Pen said...

This is so magical! So...I just wrote a post "sparkle river" and then went on to see this. The timing is perfect and your Selby is an amazing and very special little girl!
Let those blessings flow!

kangaroo said...

are you flippin' kidding me? these are so beautiful, and hanging in that perfect place...your mind's eye saw some there, you just didn't know they'd be hers! WOW. what a mindful craft indeed.

Alisa said...

Love your site!