One Woman Show

My oldest chick loves to create; paint, stickers, glue, glitter, markers, crayons...you name it, she's into it!

As the preschool year comes to a close, the piles of original artwork in my home have grown beyond control. So plans are underway for a one woman art show.

We're sorting through paintings, drawings and all types of mixed-media creations for the best of the best. Each selected piece will be properly mounted (on construction paper of course) and displayed throughout our home "gallery."

Friends and family will be invited to come view Selby's art, enjoy refreshments and, if they like, buy the masterpieces for $1 each. Of course, the artist will be available to hand sign any purchases. The end goals: my chickadee's art is honored, she understands it holds value, we share the joy and the project pile shrinks, making room for new creations. After all, Kindergarten is only a few months away.


Kangaroo said...

what a cool idea! we'll be there. my friend lucy framed her girl's best in a very neat way; by using tempera paint to actually paint 'frames' on the walls, hanging each piece with that tacky stuff. another friend was overwhelmed by her son's piles and spread everything out on the floor and took a picture of the collection each year thereafter, making it less difficult to purge the piles. can't wait to see selby's display!

Kate said...

oh, we so love kids art shows around here:) We've done them in the summer and have occasionally opened it up to friend's kids too-- each child selecting three of their favorite works, coming "dressed up" to their gallery opening, and celebrating with messy play and more art creating. It feeds the creative spirit, for sure.

Kate said...

PS-- here's some ideas for an art wall-- with kindergarten coming, the art will pour in faster than ever;)


Kangaroo said...

forgot about this earlier...i'm sure you saw it, but if you wanted the 'opening' to include making art, check out this post.

eringoodman said...

what a wonderful idea!!!!

SwedeLife said...

This is so great.