Prayer Flags, Parts II through IV

Finally, my prayer flags are complete, and blowing in the wind. After beginning them on the Taurus New Moon, I continued working on them throughout the week to follow.

Part II - More of My Process

There was a lot of painting and stamping to be done. Then arranging and sewing, with which I had a huge helping hand from The Snail (see her fabulous prayer flags here), as I don't sew yet.

Part III - My Product

Finally, I hung my flags on the back porch, my vision realized. Now sweet blessings of love, bliss, joy, peace and unity are being spread to all.

Part IV - A Long Line of Flags
My heart is full of joy as my New Moon Sisters join me in hanging their beautiful prayer flags outdoors.

These belong to The Snail, who stamped hers with a hand-carved wood block stamp bearing a symbol of protection.

These are The Visionary's hand-painted blessings, featuring original symbols and phrases.

And here are another mama's, created with fabric that corresponds to hand-written affirmations.

This is most likely the final prayer flag post (but I don't make any promises). This project, and the opportunity to share it, has brought me huge satisfaction and joy. I have visions of prayer flags all over the world, blowing sweet blessings to all. May many reach you!

*If you've created prayer flags of your own, I'd really love to see them. Please post a link or email me your handiwork!


Erin said...

This post is beautiful! All of the prayer flags shown are gorgeous. You certainly inspired me to try my hand at this craft and a post I recently wrote found here : http://wildasweeds.blogspot.com/2009/05/homemade-prayer-flags.html
Thanks for the inspiration!

Kangaroo said...

well done, mama. you had a very specific vision for these prayer flags and you executed it beautifully...and took all of us with you on a fabulous ride! i can see mine now from where i type...

thank you.

Liquid Pen said...

What a wonderful project! Thanks....

Toolie said...

Your flags are beautiful mama--thanks for sharing and for inspiring me to send my own prayers out into the world in such an expressive way.

eringoodman said...

oh mama! they are all so beautiful!! thank you so much for sharing!!!