Shifting Inward

After six years of carrying, birthing and nursing my two little chicks, I'm finally beginning to feel my body is my own again. This "return to self" has felt a bit like a fog lifting from around me. As the air clears, I catch little glimpses of who I am now. I see where I want to go. And I understand there is work to be done, gently and at it's own pace, to get there.

Now, as the seasons are shifting, I feel myself shifting too. Over the past week I have begun to move inward. And an easy peace has settled over me as I work to reinforce my nest.

My body is getting some much needed attention with a 10-day raw & whole food cleanse; more sleep; and a return to regular movement.

My creative spirit is beginning to stir as I embark on the 12-week Artist's Way workshop with my dear friend Rose. Having completed the workshop pre-babies, I look forward to revisiting the rich rewards of morning pages and artist's dates.

And my mind is slowly shifting from doing to being, allowing more room for nourishing myself with hot baths, journaling, reading and meditation.

This move inwards feels so good, like returning to a warm, cozy space you almost forgot was there. But then, there it is right before you... just waiting for your return.


Liquid Pen said...

What a beautiful way to shift into fall. All cozied up with yourself!

Rose said...

Applause, applause!!!!

I'm right there with you. You said this so beautifully.

And today's beautiful weather couldn't be any more perfect!

eringoodman said...

oh i feel it too my friend.

i love how you have expressed and honored this transition.

just beautiful