Rushing Over Me

Some days, I wake and realize my children have changed in the night. One may have grown a bit taller. Or the other may have made a leap in language development.

And other days, I feel the changes occur right before my eyes, and it rushes over me live a wave.

Yesterday was one of those days, as I ventured to our local botanical gardens with my baby. But she was no longer a baby at all. She was a big girl, playing independently amidst the stations set up for preschoolers.

I had worried she wouldn't be old enough to participate. But she was just right!

And as I watched a friend do the delicate balancing act of managing her toddler and her young baby - the very same act I have been doing for near two years - it hit me. That chapter is closed for me now. And my whole world shifted right before my eyes.


Liquid Pen said...

Oh, your day has come! It is astounding to observe as it seems to float by in pictures. A surreal experience to see our children grow and the structures of our lives shift with that growth. What an amazing process.

Erin said...

Aw ... I have a tear in my eye because lately I too have been noticing that me & my "little ones" are moving into a new phase. They are growing up. Kinda bittersweet!

SwedeLife said...

What??? How did she get so big, she just came out. She was big, but come on. These remond of pics I have Selby wit hmy girl atBig B's 2nd birthday party. Almost 2. Wow. I am glad you are savouring it.

Rose said...

Wow. And I thought it was just a day at the gardens!

I had a sad "my-babies-aren't-babies-anymore" breakdown about a week ago. HOW DID IT HAPPEN?!

It's wonderful and exciting to see them change and grow, but it's bittersweet in a way, too.

Cate said...

so sweet. so bittersweet. but, let me tell you how much fun my kids have with one another now. they can play together. they can talk to one another. and, i don't always have to be involved during every moment of it.

motherhood is dynamic. how much do you let go? how much do you hold close? it changes day to day, phase to phase. somehow, liz, you strike me as being completely up for that.

congrats on a big shift. your kids are so beautiful.