Rock On!

At Selby's school Fall Carnival a few weeks ago, I paid three tickets per child (at .25 a piece) for my girls to look at a pot bellied pig in a cage. That's a buck fifty for a gander at a house pet! This is how desperate our schools are for money?! Anyhow, I drew the line at the rock painting booth. With a back patio full of landscape gravel that I detest, no way was I paying to bring home more. Instead, I put the idea in my back pocket to pull out on just the right day.
I'm so grateful I saved this activity for a long, lazy afternoon, as the girls painted rocks for almost an hour!

With the holidays creeping up, and times necessitating we all be more creative with our time, money and energy, I was happy for the reminder that simple things - like painting rocks - can be so fulfilling.

I sat on the back patio, watching and smiling as the sun hit the colorful rocks at just the right angle. I marveled as little hands and little minds worked quietly. Happily. Contentedly. "This," I said to DaddyBird, "this is what it's all about!"


Rose said...


A fun and simple idea. Thank goodness you didn't have to PAY for it!

Kangaroo said...

This is GREAT!!! I will be pulling this one out of MY back pocket now, very soon. Gorgeous pictures!

Cate said...

so sweet, smart mama! and, they would make fantastic christmas presents, too.

Liquid Pen said...

that is what it's all about!!!! awesome

eringoodman said...

thank you for this liz!

my kids are *always* asking to paint. and it's always at a time when i just can't handle the mess or i don't know where the paints or the smocks are.

but you've inspired me!!!

i'm going to make to plan ahead for some rock painting sometime very soon!

eringoodman said...

i'm going to plan ahead for some rock painting sometime very soon!

(that's what i meant to say. ;-)

Kathie said...

What a cute, fun and simple idea! Why on why did I not think of it this past Spring/Summer? I know what I'll be having DD do when it gets warmer. She loves finding rocks right now but oh, to paint them...the joy!