Circles and Hearts

Come out of the circle of time, And into the circle of love. - Rumi

I know I've waxed poetic here many-a-time about my tribe, my village, my mamas. I've written about our new moon circles, our mother blessing ceremonies and all sorts of family gatherings. So it's only fitting I would spend Valentine's Day with this circle of friends, celebrating the love and friendship shared amongst our collective family.
We gathered out at the ranch to celebrate two Valentine's birthdays with a family campout. It was too cold - even here in Florida - to put up our tents, so we all cozied into the cabin in slumber-party fashion.

After the lights went out inside, the grown ups gathered outside around the campfire, under a new-moon sky. For the first time, on this Valentine's Eve, my sisters and I opened up the new moon circle to include our partners in an intimate ceremony under the stars.

My intention for the new lunar cycle was more of a mantra, adopted from one of the wise women of our clan: "I CAN TAKE IT!"
I CAN TAKE more good times and love...
I CAN TAKE more prosperity and peace...

I CAN TAKE whatever comes my way, for my circle is wide and my heart is deep. And anything that doesn't belong in these spaces will flow right out through my feet and into the earth below.


Rose said...

Gorgeous! All of it: the people, your photos, your words.

I'm curious to hear about that circle...

Liquid Pen said...

awesome post...it was soooo much fun...and I am soooo tiredly full of beautiful, happy memories...thanks for sharing

eringoodman said...

oh liz!!!! this is just BEAUTIFUL!!!!

thank you so much for sharing!!!