Spring Break :: Day 5

After two rainy days, we were so happy to meet some friends at the local u-pic farm this morning. We all filled our baskets & bellies with fresh Florida strawberries.

Spring had arrived on the farm; and we saw bunnies, baby ducks (just 13 days!) and young kids amongst the animals.

A picnic lunch and some playground time and everyone was content.
Now, back to the kitchen where I'm in full production, prepping berries for jam, baking strawberry bread and trying to keep little ruby red-stained fingers out of the stash!


Liquid Pen said...

so sorry we missed it! Maqybe next year!

gardenmama said...

Oh, I can't wait for strawberry picking! The little ducklings are too sweet : )

Kangaroo said...

WOW, I missed the baby ducks! We had a great morning...it was beautiful and I am looking forward to this tradition for years to come.

elizabeth ~ so wabi sabi said...

oh wow...look at those strawberries. we have a couple of months to go before we see any of those beauties around here. sounds like a lovely day.

Anonymous said...

oh what fun!!!!



(whose google account is doing funny things and won't let her post as herself. ;-)