Spring Kitchen

Roasted zucchini to be tossed with linguine, olive oil & lemon zest, then topped with with ricotta.

Delicate baby greens, harvested on Monday from a friend's backyard garden, ready to be drizzled with a light, honey vinaigrette.

Fresh dill from the same garden, finely diced for my first Spring soup: Asparagus Bisque from Love Soup. Here it is before pureeing, full of asparagus, leeks, fennel, and lemon zest & juice.

And here it is, all bright green, creamy and smooth, ready to be served with five-grain baguette rounds, goat cheese, pesto & sundried tomatoes.
I'm positivelly swooning over all this fresh, green nourishment filling my kitchen with the first tastes of spring.


Rose said...

Yum! What time shall I come for lunch?

SwedeLife said...

lovely and green

Heather said...

Oh could this look any better? All of those tender greens, and the first sign of the garden blooming. That soup looks incredible, and I love what you are serving it with. Perfect