Treasure Mapping

About a week behind, I began my Aries New Moon treasure map adventure last night. I was inspired to embark on this journey with my moon sisters last year after reading this interview. It was such a powerful project, I was anxious to repeat it this year. However, as the planets would have it, I got to spend the New Moon assisting in the home birth of my niece... treasure mapping would have to wait.

The Aries moon welcomes the astrological new year, a most powerful time to set intentions for the lunar year to come. Its a time to plant seeds and dream big. So last night, I sat with my dear friend Rose, sipping red wine and nibbling dark chocolate, and began to clip images from magazines to represent where I want to travel in the year to come. As my map developed, a theme began to emerge. It appears I want to focus more on self this year (yay!)... healthy eating, exercise, a new wardrobe, creative pursuits and soul-fulfilling projects. I found images of "substance" vs. "stuff" kept jumping out at me. And so my journey begins...

Over the next week, I'll be completing my map (which will have a LOT more white space on it this year, representative of both a need for "less" and room to grow). I'm excited to gain more clarity and set more dreams in motion. Want to join in? Check out Erin's guide to get started on your own treasure map adventure.

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Unknown said...

I love treasure mapping! I am hoping to have a treasure mapping workshop in my home before the new year!

Chas @ A Woman's Haven