Seagrape Leaf Rubbings, on Location

A new element found its way into our beach day - art, of course! Why haven't I thought of bringing a drawing pad and crayons before?

The kids took turns wandering up to a blanket in the shade... we made seagrape rubbings and drawings of the sunny beach and flowers.
I've said it before, this never gets old!


Kangaroo said...

Such a sweet, spontaneous project! I can't wait to make solar prints with our beach findings. Coincidentally, the word verification for this comment is "diane"...perhaps the big boys should get together more often? This time in a very wide open field?)

Liquid Pen said...

The image reminds me of a placenta print

catching caterpillars said...

what a fun idea! on location! LOVE IT!!! such paradise for sure!