Summer School :: Camping

We did a little indoor camping last week, with a beach tent set up in our project area. The girls had so much fun reading camping books by flashlight, cooking over the "campfire" and taking turns being bear and scared camper.

Of course, we went for a hike at a local park and nature preserve, per the suggestion of The Snail. Joined by Rose and her two little monkeys, we traveled the boardwalk through an enchanting mangrove canopy.

Along the way, we collected lots of natural treasures, including root sprouts (found loose on the boardwalk), oyster shells and sea grape & mangrove leaves.
We also spotted bits of wildlife, with tiny snails and mangrove crabs occupying a lot of attention. After a picnic lunch by the bay, we brought our treasures home and made solar prints.

Of course, no camping theme would be complete without a few s'mores and some trail mix! Top book picks were Camping Day, Stella & Roy Go Camping and Quiet Night. Skills & lessons: reading, writing, adding & subtracting (trail mix is great for this), science and art.


Kangaroo said...

Your solar prints came out BEAUTIFULLY! Let's have a picnic together at that magical spot soon!

catching caterpillars said...

wow, what fun you girlies have!!! love it!

Unknown said...

I used to spend much time in the mangroves when I was little. Beautiful solar prints and a beautiful place to explore with your lovely children.