The day before Selby's last Girl Scout meeting, I received a group email addressed to the parents, looking for a volunteer to bring home a worm composting project the girls would be making the following evening. I quickly responded, saying I'd LOVE to bring the worms home. I hoped I was the first to reply... I really wanted those worms.

Turns out, not only was I the first parent to lay claim to the worms, I was the only one. I couldn't believe my incredible good luck! So, after the meeting I loaded up two small plastic bins, filled with red wiggler worms in a bedding of cardboard and soil, and covered with oh-so-cute hand sewn cloths.

The worms now live under the sink basin in my laundry room (yes, inside), munching away on our food scraps and creating a rich compost fertilizer for our plants. What a great - and easy - project to do with kids! To make you own vermi-compost, check out this simple tutorial from Martha Stewart, which includes a video.

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