Flower Art

It's been a while, I know. I'm still here, just running around like a crazy lady in the end-of-school-year madness. Sage wrapped up her preschool year with a hands-on festival, where the parents planned and ran creative stations for the kids.

My booth was flower art. I picked zinnias and cosmos from my garden, as well as lemon basil, mint, pentas and more from the preschool garden, to display on my table. The kids chose whichever flora they liked and sandwiched them into a large folded piece of paper. Then they pounded the heck out of them with play dough hammers.

Let me tell you, the kiddos LOVED this activity. The results were stunning - especially the cosmos prints (pictured above). I think the children enjoyed the banging the most; and seeing the flower "guts" was a close second. Needless to say, I ended up with a mega headache from spending 2 hours with preschoolers hammering their little hearts out. But it was worth it!
For the less aggressive, I had a quieter table where the children could paint a still life of a small flower arrangement. So simple - just painting - and so much creativity from the little ones. I wish I had taken more pictures (I snapped all these quickly with my phone), but I was kind of busy.

Tomorrow is Selby's wacky water day class party... I'll be there working up another headache, I'm sure. But again, it will be worth it, because, despite the class celebration-award ceremony-end-of-year event madness that is right now, I'm deeply grateful for the opportunity to share these special days with my gals, celebrating the accomplishments and developments they've worked so hard for over the past nine months.

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