'Keep It Simple' Manifesto

My gals went back to school this week. It's hard to believe the summer passed by so quickly. We spent it just as we wished, with lots of time in the pool, at the beach, playing with friends and even some camp thrown in. We explored the natural world around us with weekly "camp mom" themes ranging from reptiles to wildflowers to the sun & moon. I blogged about very little of it, as we were too busy having fun. Long, lazy days... we will miss your simplicity and sweetness for months to come.

So, now we're working on our back-to-school rhythm. I've posted a sign to help facilitate smooth morning routines... I've posted a chore chart to help facilitate easy dinner times... I've made myself a bazillion lists to try and organize my time among family, household, garden, writing assignments, creative projects, and part-time work at my husband's business... I'm waking early to squeeze in some exercise before my morning "bus route"... And I'm calmly and patiently trying to keep it all straight; to get back in the groove.

Calmly and patiently are relative terms, as I tend to lean more toward high-strung and slightly neurotic. In fact, the last sentence above is really more of an affirmation than a declaration of truth. Nonetheless, it is my intention right now, to be calm and patient. I want, if I can, to hold on to a bit of the simplicity of summer as we dive into the craziness of fall.

And so, here is my Keep it Simple Manifesto (to-date):
  • I will say NO to more commitments and YES to less.
  • I will expect LESS of myself whenever it is a reasonable option.
  • I will ACCEPT less-than-perfect situations for what they are and not make myself crazy trying to fix them.
  • I will set clear BOUNDARIES for myself and my family.
  • I will BREATHE more and do less.
What about you... how do you keep it simple in this season of change? I'd love to know!

*Note: I can't get images to accompany this post for a host of technical reasons too boring to list... But I am calm & patient about it. I accept my less-than-perfect, pictureless post for what is is. I hope you will too!

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