Sweet Mice Stocking Stuffers

I needed 19 stocking stuffers for my gal's 2nd grade class. So, for the cost of a few sheets of felt and a couple boxes of candy canes, we went to work making sweet little mice candy cane holders. These are so easy and so cute!
First, cut out a teardrop shape from one color of felt to create the mouse body (mine was 4.5" long and almost 3" across at the base). Then, cut out a long oval (mine was 4.25" x 1.5") in a coordinating color of felt to create the ears.
Fold the body of the mouse in half so the nose touches the base, and cut two half inch parallel slits (about half an inch apart) in the center of the body - when open, these are about 1" long.
Pull the "ears" through this slit and voila! - you have a mouse.
Paint on the eyes, tuck a candy cane in the slits, and you have a simple little stocking stuffer, sure to please!