Hello 2012

Farewell 2011... the last sunset of the year plunged into the chilly Gulf of Mexico and we cheered from our blanket spread upon snowy white sand. A new tradition was born.
We've always celebrated New Year's eve with the girls early, counting down to an imaginary "midnight." But the sunset! Oh, watching as that magnificent fiery ball dropped into the water was better than any ball dropping on TV.  Better than any petend midnight we've done before.
We enjoyed a memorable picnic dinner (sushi & sesame noodles - our favorite portable beach meal), toasted with sparkling cider (Mama & Daddy were a little more festive with our beverages) and waited for darkness to come. So we could do this... 
 A perfectly sweet, family celebration from our beautiful winter wonderland by the Gulf.  
Happy New Year to you and yours!


Rose said...

What a GREAT idea!! Love it!

Holly said...

What a lovely way to celebrate the New Years! Holly

Rachel said...

This is a fabulous idea and I'm planning to do the same at our lovely local beach at the end of this year. I envy you your weather, though - the UK at the end of December is usually shrouded in mist and rain and we'd be extremely lucky to see the sun at all!