(Family) Life is Messy... Cleaning Up & Lettting Go

I'm a bit of a neat freak. I don't like clutter and big messes. I believe everything has a place, and it should be returned to it. Simple, right? No. Enter an 8-year-old girl who is constantly creating something. This whirlwind of creation often leads to BIG messes and LOTS of clutter. Enter a 4 year old... enough said. Enter life as a busy family... it's just plain messy in all ways. So my obsessive self makes lists, formulas, plans... whatever it takes to give me some semblance of an ounce of control.

My organizational attempts are constantly evolving to meet my current situation. At the beginning of this school year, I made a new "weekly household to-do list." It breaks the week into days and lists my basic household responsibilities, as well as exercise (because if it's not written down, I tend to not do it). I thought you might like to see it:

Exercise: weight training
Laundry: towels & linens
Vacuum & mop floors
Clean out fridge
Empty trash cans

Exercise: tennis or bike ride
Laundry: my clothes
Clean bathrooms
Bills & budget
Tend garden

Exercise: Yoga
Laundry: sheets & towels
Clean kitchen

Exercise: Tennis or bike ride
Laundry: misc.
Household paperwork & filing
Meal plan for weekend & next week
Tend garden

Exercise: Weight Training
Household errands
Grocery shop

My girls have responsibilities too, and I made them a checklist for their weekly chores, as well as a "cleaning caddy." They have the whole week to dust (they love those feather dusters!) and clean the sliding glass doors. They have both learned to do their own laundry, with some help for my youngest, and are responsible for doing so. (My husband does his own laundry too.) And the girls have the daily tasks of setting and clearing the table, and keeping their rooms neat. They know I vacuum on Mondays and their floors must be clear at least that one day a week.

So far, my plan is working for me. I'm learning, too, to let a lot go (for me at least). If something doesn't get done on the list, I move on... there's always next week and it will be on there again.  I've learned to accept little messes all around me. And I get it now, after 8 years with little mess makers following me around, that it will never be perfect. That much I can release...

How do you stay on top of your household responsibilties? And how do you practice "letting go" in this area?

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