DIY Harvest-Spice Natural Air Fresheners

It's that time again, where I'm getting ready for my community homemade food & craft swap. This DIY project was so easy and pleasey (I think I made that word up), I just had to share.
Here's what you need:
glass jars
baking soda
essential oils (I used sweet orange, clove bud and cedarwood)
burlap to cover (I used linen burlap, found in the embroidery section of the craft store)
rubber bands
fall nature items for decorating
Here's what you do:
Fill jars with baking soda (mine took about a cup each) and blend in oils (I used about 6-8 drops of each oil, per jar). Cover the jars with burlap and secure with tight-fitting rubber bands. Tie with ribbon and add decorative nature items.

That's it ... my craft room & office now smells all fresh and fall like! (For my inspiration, and a tutorial on doing this with a paper cover, see here.)


Unknown said...

I cannot wait to try it! What a nice idea!

Unknown said...

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