Kids' Nature Gift Idea #1 ~ Bird Watching Kit

I love to give my girls gifts that connect them with nature. So with the gift-giving season upon us, I thought I'd share a few ideas that have been a big hit in my nest over the years. The first one is a Bird Watching Kit. My children can be impressively quiet and still when bird watching. They peer through small binoculars, point and whisper, and then sketch their findings in small blank books. Bird watching is an exercise in attention, an opportunity to be mindful and observant of the beauty in our own natural environment.

Here are my top picks for a basic kit:
  • The Smithsonian: Bird-watcher, a great book, full of easy-to-follow bird watching activities for kids of all ages.
  • A Pocket Naturalist Guide for identifying the birds in your region.
  • A set of binoculars. Small, lightweight, kid-friendly ones are great for toddlers and preschoolers; older kids will appreciate the real thing!
  • A small, blank book and pencils for recording and sketching spotted birds.
Tuck these items into a basket for easy grabbing and heading out to the backyard, or into a simple messenger bag for trips to the park. (See this tutorial for a cute DIY bird watching bag.)

* Bonus Gift Idea: Consider a "family gift" of a bird feeder and birdseed to attract more feathered friends to your backyard!


Debi said...

Such a wonderful idea! My boys love watching our backyard birds. This year we even made birdseed ornaments & fresh garland just for them!

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Kathleen said...

Great ideas! We love birding, too. My boys are 7 and 3 and are developing quite a collection of guides. :) Thanks for the tips.