Winter In My Place

Write for 5-10 minutes about your current perceptions of winter in your natural environment. What do you already know or believe about the activities, events, and objects of this season, right where you are. (This is less of an observation-based, and more of a memory/feeling-based exercise.)
  • What color is winter where you live?
  • What does it look like, smell like, feel like, taste like?
  • How does this season make you feel?
  • What memories does winter conjure up? Does your current environment reflect those memories?
  • What would you LIKE winter to look and feel like?
** Draw a quick sketch of a winter scene where you live. This may be a tree, a bird, the sky, or a little landscape scene. It can be real or in your imagination, but it should reflect what you think winter looks & feels like where you reside.
NOTE: Include the date on your journal entries.