The "Welcome Spring" Party

The changing of seasons is always a big deal here in my nest. Living in Florida, the natural seasonal changes are subtle (though present if you look!), so we try and make a big tadoo over the arrival of a new season in other ways. We have solstice rituals, and equinox parties. Yesterday, we held an after-school celebration with ideas inspired by The Artful Parent's new eBook The Artful Spring. This is my family's third season enjoying these eBooks that are packed with seasonal arts and crafts, decorations, recipes, ideas for celebrating the holidays, and children's book recommendations.
For a treat, we followed the Bird's Nest Snack recipe to create adorable, edible nests from a peanut butter-cocoa based dough and pretzel sticks. First, I took my little birdies to the grocery to gather mud and sticks for their nests (and was talked into some candy eggs and Peeps to accompany!). Then we came home and got to building and snacking, which my girls really enjoyed.

We also spent some time resetting our nature table for spring. We've kept a seasonal nature table in our home for years, however I love the inspiration provided in the eBook's list of  Spring Nature Table Ideas.

After I cleared off our winter items, the girls enjoyed arranging and displaying a collection of spring mementos, including feathers, crafted nests, seashells, found bird egg fragments, dried insects, fresh flowers from the garden, and some springtime fairy friends. We'll continue to add to the table throughout the season.
Before the kids came home, I'd decorated a bit with a new flower arrangement from the garden, surrounded by crafted eggs, and a fabric banner we made last summer. I also brought out our spring books and a Peter Rabbit tea set I'd found on clearance around the holidays. It always amazes me how much my girls anticipate and appreciate these little parties... as soon as she got in the car, Sage asked me if the spring books were out yet. And Selby always rushes in when we get home to see what decorations I've put up!
How do you celebrate the arrival of spring? I'd love to know!

** The Artful Spring eBook is only $9.99, a super deal for 109 pages of Easter crafts (including 12 egg decorating ideas), spring crafts and recipes, family garden ideas, and lots of children's literature recommendations. It is a full-color PDF eBook that can be read on a computer screen, iPad or other tablet, Kindle Fire, or printed out. To order a copy, click here. I know you'll love it!*