Edible Petals + Grow Your Own Microgreens & Sprouts

Remember when I sent off all those gorgeous edible flowers for a photo shoot for Edible Sarasota last month? I'm pleased to share the final piece with you, which published in their spring issue this week. The editor said my beautiful blooms were in the running for the cover... but some bees beat me out. What a thrill to even be considered for the cover!

I hope you'll hop on over and check out my article (starting on page 35 of the digital edition), which includes recipes for Peppery Nasturtium Vinegar and Spring-Bouquet Lemon Ice Pops.

But that's not all... flip on through to page 50 and read my piece on how to grow your own microgreens & sprouts too (+ more recipes)!

Happy spring reading!


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Jump into A Book said...

Love this post. One of our favorite things to make is Rose Petal Jam. Thanks for sharing.