Pets + Poop :: Bunnies Join our Nest!

We have some new residents on our homestead... meet Marshmallow and Sandy. These sweet little Florida White bunnies joined our nest the Friday before Easter. And we're all smitten! Now with us for over a week, the bunnies have settled in to their new home and eagerly greet us when we approach their hutch. They're such loves and so fun to watch as they hop and happy dance all over the place!
So, the bunnies are just for pets (no intentions of a rabbit dinner in the future) and frankly, for poop. That's right - my girls get snugly little bunnies to care for and love up. And I get rabbit super-poop - a fantastic fertilizer for the garden! Selby has eagerly taken on the responsibility of feeding and watering the bunnies every morning before school. Sage is learning to handle them gently and calmly - a beautiful exercise in focus and control for a 5 year old. And because I'm the one who wants it... I get poo-duty.
We did a lot of research before bringing Marshmallow and Sandy home. In selecting a breed, we sought out a gentle rabbit of medium size (Florida Whites are typically 4-6 pounds) to make it easiest for the girls to handle them. Then we visited a local breeder who handles her young bunnies well and often, aiding greatly in their cuddle-ability. At the rabbitry, we chose two docile females from the same litter so they would bunk up well together. The bunnies live in a shady, fenced-in garden right off our front entrance (and in full view from our dining room windows). I covered the ground in straw to make a play/exercise area, and we bought a fabulous secondhand, hand-crafted hutch for them to reside in (it even has slide out trays under the hutch to collect my fertilizer).
The addition of bunnies to our nest has been remarkably smooth and enjoyable. And we're all quickly learning that bunny-love runs deep!

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