A Craft All Her Own ~ Watercolor Relief Bookmarks

My youngest gal, Sage, saw this project in a High Five magazine and initiated it all on her own, desiring to make gifts for teachers, family, and friends.
It's so simple, she could do almost all of it herself (5 years old), which gave her GREAT pleasure! First, she applied masking tape to piece of blank, dry watercolor paper in a random design {I helped make sure it was firmly adhered}. Then, she painted the paper and tape with a variety of colors.
After letting the paper dry completely, Sage pulled off the tape to see the "magic" design it created {when the paper started ripping in some places, she asked for a little help}. We then cut the paper into bookmark-sized strips with me operating the paper cutter, and her directing me. Next, Sage carefully punched holes in the top of each strip.
Lastly, I provided a selection of yarn and my gal chose which colors went with each bookmark, and helped cut it into strips. I tied on the yarn {wish I'd taught her to do this part, but I was ready to move things along!}, and Sage took the time to label and decorate the back of each bookmark.
Later that evening, I found one left atop a book for me to discover. According to Sage, the picture is of me "Lalaloopsy style!" This was a sweet, easy project that my little artist was able to take great pride and ownership in. And so far, it's been a hit with the recipients too!

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