At-Home Summer Nature Camp ~ Rain, Rain Week

I hadn't planned to start our At-Home Summer Nature Camp with "Rain, Rain" week... but Tropical Storm Andrea had her own plans for us. As the clouds and rain rolled in to our Gulf Coast beach town last week, we enjoyed a slower pace and a few of the rainy day activities in the eCurriculum. (We saved a few too, for the inevitable rainy days ahead this summer).
To start, we did the "Make Your Own Rain Gauge" project, by camp counselor Kara of Simple Kids. I had five campers that day, ages 5 to almost 11, and they all participated on some level. They also started new nature journals for the summer; all the kids worked on decorating their covers, and the older ones added pages in their books to track rainfall too.

The winds were a bit too strong to go on the "Puddle Walk" field trip, as we had planned ... but my girls and nephew had "the most fun EVER" playing on our flooded pool deck. While they splashed about in the heavy rain, we watched our rain gauges overflow, and collected rain water for some "Raindrop-Inspired Water Color Paintings," another Simple Kids project.
Using only fresh-collected rainwater,we spent the good part of an an afternoon experimenting and creating with watercolors. The rainwater was used for dunking, spraying, dripping, rinsing, and more! Finally, with the lingering afternoon storms, we're enjoying a great selection of rain-themed books from the library, all recommended by Valarie of Jump Into a Book.

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