Sun Fun ~ A Summer Nature Camp Recap

We had a blast following along with "Sun Fun" week of the At-Home Summer Nature Camp eCurriculum. Led by camp counselor Amy of Mama Scout, we made mint lemonade, crafted peg dolls and learned about the Greek myth of Icarus, cooked s'mores in a pizza box oven, and created a shadow sundial. Our field trip day was my daughter's 9th birthday and we all enjoyed escaping to take a dip in a swimming hole.
For every weekly theme of the summer nature camp, Valarie of Jump Into a Book has provided book and media suggestions. PLUS, over the course of the summer, she's "jumping into" several of these books on her website, offering even more inspiration and ideas for nature-based fun this summer. Follow along with Valarie's book jumps for the summer nature camp here.
**We saved two of Valarie's "Sun Fun" book suggestions for this week, to enjoy as part of our Summer Solstice celebration:
The Longest Day and Sun Bread, featured here.
We're also pulling inspiration for our solstice celebration from here and here!

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