Fresh Juice for Sale

Remember selling things when you were a kid? The thrill of making even the smallest amount of money... of someone actually buying something you had to offer. It was so fun, so validating (truth be told, it still is!). A lot of parents I know discourage their kids from peddling goods on the driveway these days. But I don't. My gals have sold all kinds of things to passers by, even homemade comics! Most recently, they wanted to sell fresh, organic apple juice.
And so they did. With a little parental help, they juiced the apples themselves, packaged up some wheat crackers to accompany it, set up an attractive stand, made their own signs, and sat, diligently, until customers appeared. And they did. They always do; I believe my neighbors would buy just about anything from my gals. (So grateful!)

In the end, they made several dollars, while gaining skills in presentation, math, patience, and communication. And building their sense of worth too. I still think "kid stands" are a good thing... how about you?

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Amy said...

this is so sweet! we would love to buy organic apple juice instead of the powdered lemonade that is so common.