Ready for Spring!

Orange Blossoms ~ Bunnies ~ Eggs ~ Bees ~ Nests ~ Asparagus ~ Rain Showers ~ Ferns 
Earth Day ~ Frogs ~ Herb Gardens ~ Feathers ~ Salty Breezes ~ Fairies ~ Carrots
Baby Chicks ~ Strawberries ~ Picnics ~ Butterflies ~ Flowers ~ Puddles
Spring is Here!
Tomorrow, we officially welcome the season of renewal and growth with the Vernal Equinox. From here on, in the northern hemisphere, the days will gradually grow longer than the nights, until the Summer Solstice in June.
For me, Spring is a season for cleaning out and starting fresh; for growth and renewal. It's when I tend to refresh and feather my nest, focusing my attention on making my home a comfortable and peaceful sanctuary for my family. And it's a time to celebrate and nourish our connection to nature with slow walks in the woods and on the beach, dining outdoors, and playtime in the garden.
As is customary in my nest, we'll have a small "Welcome Spring" celebration. It will include dinner of braised chicken thighs and roasted root veggies, accompanied by honey-herb lemonade (a la MamaScout from the At-Home Summer Nature Camp eCurriculum), and ending with birds nest cookies (via The Artful Spring eBook). We'll start a flower stained glass craft, reset the nature table for a new season of treasures, and pull out our seasonal books.
How do you honor the arrival of spring in your nest?
  Connect to Your Place in Nature this Spring.
Explore a Vernal Pond ~ Walk in the Rain ~ Draw Spring Flowers
Dig in the Dirt ~ Creatively Capture Feathers & Ferns ~ and so much more!
The Spring session of A Sense of Place, a self-paced nature journaling eCourse, 
is available now for download. Click here for the full scoop, and to register. 

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