Celebrate Spring with Nest Cookies & a Flower Craft

The girls and I had so much fun making these two projects for our Vernal Equinox celebration a few weeks ago, I thought I'd share. Both the bird's nest cookies and the flower stained glass craft would be ideal for upcoming seasonal celebrations such as Earth Day or Easter.
For these sweet nests, we followed the cookie recipe in The Artful Spring eBook (it's basically a thumbprint cookie made with coconut flakes). After baking, we tucked in some malted chocolate eggs. Yum!
Also taken from The Artful Spring, making flower stained glass was such a hit, the girls have been requesting to do it again. I sent them off into our yard with a small container and scissors and gave them full permission to snip any blossoms they wanted. (I'm usually pretty protective about picking flowers from the garden, so they were stoked!) They worked together to place their picks in patterns and designs on clear contact paper that I'd cut to fit a long window by the front door. Beautiful!
What kinds of seasonal crafts and goodies are you making in your nest? Please share! 

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