Welcome Fall Party (Part 1) ~ Caramel Apples

We celebrated the Autumnal Equinox with our third annual "welcome fall" party yesterday. (See years one and two for more fun ways to celebrate the season.) On the menu this year - caramel apples!
The girls, myself, and Nana all had a sticky, sweet time dipping and decorating mini gala apples. We followed the ideas here for using a slowcooker to melt our caramel and keep it, and some melted chocolate, warm.
We dipped and drizzled, dunked and sprinkled. Our topping choices included crushed ginger snaps, sliced almonds, melted dark chocolate, and a variety of sprinkles (cookies & cream, chocolate, and golden). Yay fall!
The results were beautiful - and delicious too! After caramel appling, we got crafty with some weaving projects that aren't quite finished... so stay tuned for Part 2 of our fall celebration.

How do you welcome fall in your nest? Feel free to share links in the comments.


marcy said...

Not only do they look yummy, they were yummy! Nice to be invited to be a "tester."

Unknown said...

They look extra yummy!