Slow Risin' and Slow Cookin'

That's me, mixing up some sourdough bread! Remember the photo shoot at my nest I mentioned last month? Well, the articles and recipes are now available online. Read Slow Rise: The Art of Breadmaking with recipes for Slow-Rise Sourdough Bread, as well as good stuff to make with it: Maple-Cinnamon Sourdough French Toast... Grilled Brie, Bacon & Pear on Sourdough... and Sausage & Chard Sourdough Stuffing.

And the BBQ ribs photographed atop an old whiskey barrel on my back porch? Here they are! Get the recipe for these Slow-Cooked Honey BBQ Ribs in Southern Comfort from the Slow Cooker, along with recipes for: Shrimp & Slow-Cooked Grits and a Tomato Cobbler with Cheddar Biscuit Crust. Plus, some slow cooker tips & tricks!

Speaking of southern comfort... I'm hitting the road with my mother tomorrow - we're headed to the Country Living Fair in Stone Mountain, Georgia. So excited!! Anyone else going? I'll be back next week to share whatever country goodness I find.

Have a super rest of the week & weekend!

xoxo- Liz


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