A Holiday Recap

I completely dropped the ball on holiday blogging this season. It was very full, with lots of time spent with family and friends. So here's a (lengthy) recap for the archives, and for those of you who can stand one more (belated) holiday post.
We kicked off our holiday celebrations of light on the last day of November. The first candle of our nature-based advent devotion was lit, and our biggest-yet Christmas tree went up. Shortly after all the lights and decorations were bestowed upon this grand tree, it went crashing to the floor in a Griswold-worthy scene of shrieking children, broken glass, and tears. A new stand was procured... and we got to decorate our tree twice this season!

St. Nicholas Day (whoops, not a picture was taken!) and St. Lucia Day were celebrated for the fifth time. But it was the first time we had TWO Lucias wake us with homemade Lussekatter buns, ginger cookies, and fresh coffee. It was also the first time mama didn't have to help out in the morning!
Just before school let out, the girls showcased their budding musical talent in a winter performance. Selby played the violin and Sage played the harp!
We honored the Winter Solstice as we always do with a nature-wrapped yule log and a candlelit evening. This year, the girls decorated their gingerbread houses by candlelight too. The photos look all cozy and wintry... but it was way too warm here (we're in Florida folks!) for an indoor fire. Our windows and doors were open, and by the end of the evening, the girls were rubbing ice packs on their bodies to cool off by the blazing fire!
Gifting was very simple this year; we made homemade goodie bags for family members that included ornaments made out of air-dry clay with nature impressions (whoops again, no pics of the finished painted products!). Homegrown loofahs and jars of sweet & spicy roasted pecans were also in the bags.
On Christmas day, we welcomed extended family to our nest for a comfort-food feast. A spiral-cut ham from the farm market was accompanied by homegrown creamed collard greens, homemade sourdough rolls, macaroni & cheese, and slow cooker hot cinnamon apples. The time I spent in the kitchen the day before, slowly and mindfully preparing this meal, was one of my favorite parts of the whole season. Harvesting, washing, and chopping greens... peeling and slicing apples with my girls... kneading dough and watching it rise. It felt simple, mindful, and soul-satisfying - everything the holidays should be.
I hope your holiday season and celebrations were full of comfort and joy! Now, on to the new year...
xoxo - Liz

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Betsy said...

It looks like you had a lovely holiday season! A warm Christmas, I can't imagine. It is 17 degrees here (Pennsylvania) right now and supposed to go down to 8 degrees tonight with 25-30 mph winds! :-) Did you purchase the second St. Lucia crown in the photo or did you make it? Just curious. They both look beautiful!