Creating a Seasonal, Family-Centered Home

I've been writing here in this space since the fall of 2008... that's about six and a half years, friends. When I started, my eldest daughter was newly 4, my youngest was 9 months. I have learned and grown so much over these years as the mother of two young children. I've watched my life and my home morph and change with each passing year as I pursue creating a seasonal, family-centered nest. It's been my ongoing goal to build a holistic home, a supportive and loving family culture, a strong connection to community, and a full-family commitment to living mindfully.
Pictures from an early blog post... to present.
Next year, my big gal will begin middle school! Like all parents, I am aghast at how quickly time is passing. As I reflect on my years mothering small children - and my new ventures into the realm of preteen -  I'm grateful for all the efforts I've made to create a steady, nurturing, family-centered home. I believe it will serve us well in the years to come. So it is in this spirit that I have created a new eCourse - A Natural Nest - which shares many of my core principles and tools for creating a strong and healthy home base.
The first session of A Natural Nest debuts in March, and focuses on creating a holistic home. Over the course of six weeks, the eCourse will cover broad topics such as creating rhythms & routines, living within your means, and identifying guiding family principles. It will touch on everyday ideas for developing a decorating style, sharing family fun times, and creating kid-friendly spaces in your home. I'll talk about gardening, meal planning, celebrating the seasons, fostering creativity & a love of nature, and building community. Each week, I'll share what has worked for me... what has become the foundation of my home and family life. Plus, some of my favorite creative and simple ideas, activities, projects, and recipes.
A compilation of all I have learned during my first 10 years of creating a family-centered, natural nest, this course is ideal for families with young children. And I believe it is equally well suited for families with children of all ages... I simply haven't walked the full road yet myself. I hope you'll join in!
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Betsy said...

Oh, I am so excited about this!!! I will TOTALLY be in! I can't tell you how excited I am to see what you have to share. You name three of the four things I've identified as core areas in my life, Nourish, Nurture and Nest. (My fourth one is Nature and that encompasses seasonal living, celebrations, and rituals). I'll be signing up soon.