Sunday, At Dusk (+ a 2-for-1 Deal)

The gorgeous Florida-winter weather of sunshine and cool breezes drew us all outdoors over the weekend. The girls played in their backyard play space for hours with neighborhood friends; and I spent some time in the garden cleaning up and preparing for spring. As the sun set on Sunday, a sweet contentment fell over me.
While my eldest lingered in the backyard, my husband fired up the grill, and my youngest swung in the hammock chair on our back porch. I sat with a glass of wine, enjoying watching the descending sunlight illuminate my little world, and snapping pictures.
It was a sweet moment. One to pause and take in the beauty of nature, the bounty of my garden, the warmth of my family, and the promise of what's yet to come. My cup runneth over.
xoxo - Liz

Join in A Natural Nest, the eCourse... 2-for-1!

I'm super excited about the wonderful group of women forming for A Natural Nest, the eCourse. This 6-week, guided course is all about creating a family-centered, seasonal home. Beginning March 16th, we'll be harnessing spring's energy of renewal and growth to explore the themes of: Nest - Nurture - Nourish - Grow - Create - and Gather. I'll offer simple, yet meaningful, ways to build a holistic home that runs smoothly, supports a conscious lifestyle, fosters creativity, and honors nature & the seasons.
I would really LOVE for you to join us! In fact, I've decided to extend my 2-for-1 newsletter deal through the end of February. That means you can bring along a friend for free, or you and a buddy can split the course cost! (Just include your friend's name and email address in the notes when you register... or contact me direct about a split payment option.)

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