A Natural Nest eCourse

Creating a Seasonal,

Family-Centered Home

Build a natural nest and foster a conscious,
connected home life with this 6-week eCourse.

The Spring Session starts March 16th.

A home is like a nest… it provides a nurturing space of comfort and nourishment for the whole family to fly to and from each day. Yet more than just a place to touch down, a family-centered, seasonal home connects you to the rhythms of the natural world. It’s a place to grow and enjoy wholesome, real food. A place to explore the simple pleasures and beauty of nature. A place to express creativity and cultivate mindfulness. A place to connect as a family and recharge our authentic selves. And a place to share and celebrate with loved ones.
A Natural Nest is a seasonal eCourse designed to both inspire and guide you toward establishing an intentional home, and home life, rooted in the natural world. The Spring Session focuses on creating a holistic home. As a participant, you receive 6 weeks of direction that include simple - yet meaningful – ways to build and fortify your nest. This eCourse harnesses the season’s energy of renewal and growth to explore the following themes:
Nest: building a functional and beautiful home
Nurture: making meaningful family time
Nourish: creating a conscious kitchen
Grow: putting down roots
Create: fostering creative expression
Gather: building community

Each week, you'll receive guidance in these areas, as well as supporting projects, seasonal activities, wholesome recipes, and inspired ideas.

How It Works: A Natural Nest is an electronic course, which means you’ll receive your instruction via easy-to-follow emails delivered weekly. Registration also includes access to the "Natural Nest" Community on Facebook, where you can connect and share with others taking the course, and working to build a seasonal, family-centered home.

Spring Course Outline

Week 1: Nest ~ Building a Functional & Beautiful Home

On Rhythm & Routine… Developing a Sense of Style… Living Simply & Within Your Means


Week 2: Nurture ~ Making Meaningful Family Time

On Guiding Principles… Creating Kid Friendly Spaces… Family Fun Times


Week 3: Nourish ~ Creating a Conscious Kitchen

On Choosing Real Food… Tackling Meal Planning… Table-Time Rituals


Week 4: Grow ~ Putting Down Roots

On Growing Your Own… Planting a Basic Kitchen Garden… Fresh Flowers


Week 5: Create ~ Fostering Creative Expression

On Celebrating Creativity… Creating Inspiring Spaces… Happy Chaos


Week 6: Gather ~ Building Community

On the Role of a Flock… Discovering Ways to Connect… Giving & Receiving

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