New Moon on Monday

"I light my torch and wave it for the New Moon on Monday and a firedance though the night..." - Duran Duran

The new moon is magical. Last night, as the moon waned into Libra, I gathered with my mama friends to share our intentions for the lunar cycle ahead. And there among us, on a surprise visit, sat our dearly missed friend Heidi - all the way from Sweden! We basked in her glow all night as she led us in our circle - like so many times before - and bestowed her keen wisdom upon us.

I have never met another woman like Heidi - her connection to the Earth seems to be in perfect balance with her connection to all that is beyond. So her energy was exactly what was called for with the Libra new moon, a time to find balance in our lives and within our relationships. Late into the night (way late) we took turns around the circle, sharing what had happened with our intentions since the last moon and setting new intentions for the month ahead.

During these new moon circles, I am struck by the strength of our sisterhood and how we wax and wane together, following the pull of the moon and the seasons in unity. While our stories are each unique, a common thread is always evident. Two months ago, everyone was crazy, overwhelmed and out of control, searching for sanity and escape. This moon circle, the energy leaned towards release, creativity and abundance. With harvest season here, we are ready to reap what we have sown. Heidi has been helping each of us do this for years, both by delivering our babies and offering unconditional friendship. It seems only appropriate that the moon would pull her here to us this month, as we count our blessings - of which she and this magical sisterhood she created are top of the list.

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Anonymous said...

You all are so lucky to have found each other! That kind of sisterhood is so rare and precious. Happy New Moon! I think it was having an affect on Max, 'cuz he was really nutty up until yesterday. I have spoken with a few other moms who's toddlers were in overdrive, too, and we were all like, "something must be aligned just right and making our wee ones sassy!" And lo' and behold, the New Moon! Oh, that moon.