Purple Toenails & Righteous Babes

I painted my toenails a smoky purple for Maggie & Megen's wedding over the weekend. The hue just seemed to match the mood of romance and celebration. And it reminded me of the purple tones we used to highlight the decor at my wedding, 6 years ago. As it turned out, it was the perfect color - their storybook wedding was washed in shades of purple. The ceremony was held outside under a sprawling tree, draped in flowing purple and white fabric.
The reception was elegantly staged under a massive tent (over 100 adults, 25 children and 13 babies attended), with tables accented in purple and white flora. It was truly a family affair, with a "children's village" set up outside the tent, complete with playhouse and preschool teachers. We hardly saw Selby all evening...
...which allowed me to enjoy the official wedding cocktail, a Righteous Babe. This yummy concoction was some mix of vodka, pineapple juice, grenadine and some other stuff I can't remember. Anyhow, it was my first taste of liquor since Sage joined our family last November. Thank you Maggie & Megen - two righteous babes indeed! And speaking of righteous babes, all the mamas I love so much were in attendance. I was once again reminded of the fabulous community we have created as natural nesters. As Kenji (looking so gorgeous below) shared with me & Laura over a few to-die-for cupcakes: "I am so glad I know you ladies. I couldn't get by without you."

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Liquid Pen said...

Thank you Liz, for that beauitful documentation of our day! We had a magical experience and we too, couldn't make it through without you ladies! May purple toenails and Righteous Babes live on forever! Much Love, MnM