Creating Space

The Old Moon in the New Moon's Arms
Credit & Copyright: Laurent Laveder

Tonight, I will gather by the fire with my moon sisters to welcome the New Moon in Scorpio. I've been thinking about my intentions for the lunar cycle ahead and they are BIG. I feel an intense need for space. Not physical space, but a sense of openness around myself and my relationships. Some of my specific intentions are to:
  • Be more compassionate with myself and give myself space to be imperfect and to fall below my own ambitious expectations.
  • Give my children space to exist individually as they need to - a little healthy detachment parenting is called for.
  • Choose a more spacious response to petty irritations. A line from Buddhism for Mothers, by Sarah Napthali, speaks to this: "If you add a spoonful of poison to a glass of water then a mouthful could be fatal. Add the same amount of poison to a vast lagoon, take a mouthful and you suffer no harm."
I waited until I had thought through my intentions to read about the energies at work for this new moon. Then I visited astrowisdom.com for Lisa Dale Miller's message, which states it is the most serious new moon of the year. She suggests intentions and rituals focus on truth-telling, tempered with compassionate understanding. I am ready for this Scorpio moon, the perfect time to release old truths and create space for new wisdom. The work may be hard, but I believe the payoff will be great.

Perhaps you'll join me in honoring this new moon with some intentions of your own...

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Anonymous said...

Your thoughts on the new moon are wonderful. My horoscope today is so in the same flow - now is a wonderful time for evaluation as well as taking positive action. Marcy/Nana