Fall Festival #1

We kicked off October and the fall festival season today at the Florida Friends of Midwives 1st Annual Fall Festival (honoring Florida Licensed Midwives Week). Selby spent almost 2 hours in the bounce house, decorated a pumpkin cookie and had her face painted as a black cat.
I enjoyed the apple cider and a breezy autumn morning that actually felt like Fall. Have I mentioned I love this season? I'm having a romance with pumpkins: pumpkin ice cream, pumpkin spice ale, pumpkin lattes... And I love pumpkin patch photos. So with our family-favorite Pumpkin Festival just around the corner, as well as at least two other fall festivals on the calendar, more pumpkin pix are sure to come! Check out this one of my midwife Harmony's pumpkin "bump."
Here's to October, midwives and pumpkins! What do you love about Fall?


Anonymous said...

Love the new banner at the top...it's so lovely!

Anonymous said...

One of the many things I love about your blog is the photos... I love the perspectives, especially of the kids and the food :) SO much fun and I feel like I'm right there! It is so neat that so many of us are getting so much out of this new venture you are doing. :) thank you!!!!!!

Cate Bruce-Low said...

love the pumpkin belly! so cute.
i love squash, apple picking, wearing new hats, the way my daughter picks up every stray leaf and acorn to bring back inside with her.
your blog is really pretty. did you do the designing yourself?