I Am Grateful For...Home Birth

9 :: Home Birth
One year ago, a second little chick joined our nest. Baby Sage was born at home on November 10, 2007. I am so very grateful for my home birth experience, words can not express...

Laboring in the birth pool. Big sister Selby and midwife Harmony cheer me on.
Sage was born in the water, and caught by Daddy. In my arms at last!
Weighing in at a healthy 9-1/2 pounds!
Getting checked out on the family bed.
The new family of four.
Sage snuggles into her new nest.


Cate said...

9 1/2 pounds? you two are awesome! i also had my second child at home, and it was an experience i'll never forget-and a first in our apt. building.

happy birthday, sage! and congratulations, mama! i hope that your day is filled with lots of hugs and good memories.

Anonymous said...

Happy happy birthday to my dear niece Sage... such a beautiful wonderful time to be alive!!!! all my love, Aunt Cathy

Anonymous said...

I just saw this on a friend's blog (I only read 3 out of so many possibilities and yours is my most treasured - I consider it such a treat!!!!). Thought you would appreciate this :

If you do not climb you will not fall. But sometimes when you fall, you fly.

love all four of you!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Sage! And Happy Birthday to you, too, mama Liz. :)