I Am Grateful For...My Mother's Cooking

21 :: My Mother's Cooking
It's been a rough day around here, with three out of four under the weather and at home. As the odd man out, I was mommy and caretaker all day. That's why I am so very grateful to my own mother, for caring for me tonight with a delicious, homemade meal delivered right to my table. Turkey meatloaf, macaroni & cheese, fresh green beans and her famous homemade tomato-vegetable soup. Ah...there's nothing like your mom's cooking to make everything better. And now I have feast leftovers that will last through the whole weekend. Thank you mother, and Happy Friday to all.


Anonymous said...

hi there- a friend recomended a blog to me that I wanted to share with you and all of the wonderful artists in your family Its
She calls herself Mary Tiler More. She paints individual tiles with cute stories and just leaves them around Ft Lauderdale for people to find and take. Its adorable, cute and a great fun idea. Please read a little on her site and let your mom and sister know... how fun! love ya, Cath

Cate said...

so sorry to hear that the cooties are traveling round your home. yuck! you're so lucky to hav yoru mom near to help with fortifications. hope you all get all better over the weekend.