A Back-to-Basics Tree

Traditionally, Christmas trees were decorated with organic items such as fruit, nuts, pine cones and candles. Like everything else in our modern world, tree decorating today has become a lot more elaborate and complicated. I've gone back-to-basics this year. I strung the tree with plain, non-blinking white lights reminiscent of candles (without the fire hazard) and strands of red, wooden bead garland that remind me of hand-strung cranberries. "Snow" dusted pine cones complete a nature-inspired, traditional backdrop for my ornament collection, which includes some new, adorable woodland creatures. I hope to make some sweet-scented Cinnamon Bird Ornaments to nestle into the branches as well. Nostalgic ornaments give the tree a story. I have an ornament I made in kindergarten that has hung on every tree I've had for the past 30 years! I actually remember making it... we dipped unsharpened pencils into pots of melted crayons to "stamp" ornaments onto a wooden tree form. I can remember the smell of the melted crayons to this day. Heirloom ornaments also grace our tree, including hand-crafted wooden figurines, engraved sterling silver pieces and beaded stars, angels and bells. With non-kid-friendly glass and crystal ornaments awaiting another year's tree, I filled in the gaps with various wooden, plush and knitted decorations.
Nestled into a corner near the fireplace, our kid-friendly, nature-inspired Christmas tree shines bright and silently tells a story about our family. What comfort & Joy!


Anonymous said...

i LOVE your tree. i want to drink chai with you and gaze at it for hours.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful tree! I love the little lights, too. Hal's mom gave us a box of ornaments two years ago. Many of them were handmade by her, Hal, his siblings, and his grandma. All of them hung on his Christmas trees as he was growing up. Its a very special box, indeed, and I love pulling them out every year and telling Max, "Auntie She-She made this!" or "Papa made that!" Good stuff.

Michelle said...

Your tree is really beautiful, I love it!