Week of Love: Show & Share

I asked Selby what she thinks love is and she answered: "Making people happy." I was shocked and so very proud of her response. I have never directly taught her this, but the definition of love in Buddhism is: "wanting others to be happy."

Next, I asked her how you let someone know you love them. Here are her responses:

- Give them hugs & kisses.
- Tell them you love them.
- Wish them a good day.
- Ask them how they are doing.

I'm so pleased - and relieved - Selby believes love comes from inside. With all the commercialism of Valentine's Day, I was worried she might somehow confuse affection with "stuff" (we saw over three aisles at Target filled with candy and love-themed junk over the weekend). No worries - she gets it.

So, I wrote my little enlightened one's definition of love, and all her ideas about how to show & share it, on our kitchen chalkboard. I left plenty of room to add more thoughts throughout the week. And I will continue to share them with you here in the hopes they will make you happy.



Anonymous said...

That made my heart melt.

Anonymous said...

how darling. and so timely; perhaps it would do some good to ask the same question in my house. thanks!

Anonymous said...

I am going to ask Max these questions... with great fear as to what he is going to say, which I suspect will be something along the lines of, "when I get dinosaurs," or "when I share my dinosaurs," or "why do I need love when I have all these dinosaaaaaurs?" LOL!

This was sweet to read, mama. Your little one is wise, indeed. :) And you are doing such a wonderful job with you children, mama!

Anonymous said...

I felt such happines earlier today while on the phone with my dad.... I got to hear Selby playing happily with Lucy the puppy in the background who is visiting his house this week. It was adorable and she just squelled with delight and it kept making me giggle. It highlights my day whenever Selby is over at his house and he sometimes has her come to the phone- it makes me feel even better inside now to know that when she asks me how I am or tells me to have a good day that she also means she loves me.. on top of telling me she loves me of course...... she gets more and more precious every day! miss you guys and I love you very very much on the inside and out!