I Am Writing :: On the Brain, Not Paper

This week has been challenging for me to stick to my routine. My writing is on the top of my brain, but I can't seem to find the time to get it out of there.

Lots of thoughts on the book....playing with different narrative points of view. Originally it was going to be first-person, told by me. Now I'm leaning towards a third-person narrator. Both perspectives have benefits & drawbacks. I did manage to get a little bit onto the page. Really, it was so little it should barely count.

My brain has also been working hard on an article idea about women's circles...I think it would be perfect for Mothering.com/Mothering Magazine and that is where I plan to pitch it. As soon as it makes it out of my head... The research for this article keeps falling into my lap by way of friends and blogosphere acquaintances. It's like a sign from the universe saying "write me!" I got it. This article is my weekend goal, above all others.

And there are so many others...


Anonymous said...

Awe mama, don't be so hard on yourself. Writing is an art form, you have to let it flow from you. If you sit down and over think the narrative, it may stunt the flow. Just. Write. Without concern for perspective, punctuation, or whether the sentence makes sense to anyone else. Those things can be thought about in the editing process that will get done before you pitch it. Let go of what is right and just write it out. It doesn’t have to flow from you in order either - a feeling can bring back a memory that will work best at the end of the book but it’s the first thing that you want to write when you sit down. Take a deep breath and let go of all the book rules. You can write your truths. And once they are out, then you can organize them to fit the chapters. Sending the )))))writing flow vibes(((((((.

eringoodman said...

i find that when i'm having a tough writing week and things just aren't flowing, it's best to let it go.

if i focus my creative energy on something physical like gardening, yoga, painting, getting out to take photos etc. it often helps my writing to start flowing again.

can't wait to read your article!!!