Writing On The Wall (My Office/Studio :: Part I)

In a creative outburst last week, I painted a large portion of the wall above my desk with chalkboard paint. My vision was a big blank space I could use to make notes for my novel, as well as tack up inspiration. I decided to keep the edges rough, but then realized it needed an artistic touch. So I called upon my artist friend (and novel mama), Maggie, who came to my rescue yesterday. Together, we decided upon a design: the large space on the left will be for writing notes & working on the outline and the smaller column on the right is where I can tack up photos and bits of related inspiration. Maggie, the visionary of our village, drew the entire border freehand with sidewalk chalk, then rubbed it with her fingers to create a soft look. She added the book title and a little birdie, of course. I'm so excited about my chalkboard mural, the perfect final touch on my revamped work space. Check in to see the rest of my office/craft studio later this week in Part II. Right now, I gotta go fill up that board!


Liquid Pen said...

I had so much fun helping you out Liz. It was an honor to be invited to put the decorative touches on your wall of inspiration. My tummy thanks you too! What a delicious lunch. Can't wait to read your masterpiece!

Anonymous said...

thank you for that. I have been wanting to do a chalkboard wall in the kitchen but husband is against and i have this blank wall in our craft room. hmmm, i have a plan.