Treasure Maps

Next week is the new moon in Aries. Inspired by this post, my moon sisters and I have decided to participate in a little treasure mapping. A treasure map is a visual collage, similar to a vision board, of what you want your life to be like in the coming year. What makes it different from a vision board is it's created on the Aries new moon, the beginning of a new astrological year. Treasure maps are said to hold great manifestation powers because they are created during the first sign of the zodiac, allowing the entire year ahead for realizing your dreams & wishes.

So, at our new moon circle next week, my sisters and I will be armed with piles of magazines, craft supplies and glue to create our maps for the year to come. I plan to use the feng shui bagua to organize my board, which breaks the board into 9 areas that cover most all aspects of life. The bagua looks like this:
Daddy Bird is also going to create a treasure map and we plan to do one together with the family as well. We have purchased three poster board frames for our completed boards (which are to be done before the full moon) and will hang them on a wall in my office/craft studio.

I'm so excited for this project and the company of my moon sisters and family in doing it. Perhaps you'll join us too?


Anonymous said...

i can't wait, and i thank you so much for bringing this idea to us at just the perfect moon. this graphic will really help me organize my thoughts. the crafty possibilities are endless!

feng shui bagua said...

good article. i enjoyed the reading.