I Am Writing :: Here. There. Everywhere.

Recently, my creative and talented Aunt Cassie (she writes, sews, paints, crafts, etc.) posted a good tip: "Keep your notebook open on the kitchen counter and your paints handy on the dining room table...you will be amazed at what you can accomplish while you wait for the water to boil."

Over the past week, I've really taken her advice. My project bible has traveled with me all over the place, filling up little by little. I wrote in the car while the babe slept and while waiting in the preschool pick-up line. I wrote on the back porch with kids playing around my feet. I wrote at the kitchen table while eating lunch and at the kitchen counter while cooking dinner. Life did not offer me a span of writing time this week - I just grabbed it up in bits and pieces whenever I could.

While all this writing still has not procured a finished article, it is moving me forward. And I love that. It's certainly a slower pace than when I wrote full time pre-kiddos. But that's OK; what I know now, that I didn't know then, is that the real joy and satisfaction is in the journey. And so I am well on my way.

Happy Friday!

And thank you Aunt Cassie for your wise words and creative inspiration.


Mothering Two said...

How inspiring! You are awesome, L!

Liquid Pen said...

Moving forward! bit by bit. That is great. And as your littlest moves faster on her feet so will your space to write. Way to stick to it and make it happen!!!!

Alisa said...
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Alisa said...

I had fun looking at your site. You are lucky to have a group of women to meet with, looks like fun.

Rose said...

Congratulations! Sounds similar to my 5 minute sewing sessions.

Why didn't we figure this out SOONER?!